Summer Holidays Checklist


Ensure you have an amaaazing August full of family fun and WILD adventure!

🌳 Get outdoors and enjoy the WILD woods. Set in 70 acres of woodland, BeWILDerwood is the perfect place to explore the great outdoors.

💚 Spend quality time together and make lasting family memories. Enjoy a FULL day of family fun at BeWILDerwood! Whether you’re racing down the Wobbly Wires, making a den together or watching a Storytelling Show, there’s plenty to keep the whole family busy aaall day long!

😀 Save some pennies! That’s right, save money when you book your BeWILDerwood adventure online in advance and enjoy Soopa Summer Savings, hooray!

👪 Play together! Grownups play tooo at BeWILDerwood so it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy a full day of family fun – whether you’re teeny or tall, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents can let their inner child out and run WILD in the woods!

🏃 Run WILD! Enjoy active outdoor fun at BeWILDerwood, sure to leave your little explorers (and you) extra sleepy (tired out after a day of adventure)! It may be a very quiet journey home… Zzzzz!

🎨 Learn a new skill! Why not get crafty in the Big Hat craft tent or work together in our Den Building area and build a masterpiece to be proud of.

🍃 Go on an adventure – Go This Way or That Way and explore the WILD woods of BeWILDerwood. Fancy heading to Wobbly Wires first, watching 2 stories, or spending 2 hours swooshing down the Slippery Slopes? No problem! BeWILDerwood is all about making your very own adventure!

Check your summer holidays checklist off and plan your ultimate day out at BeWILDerwood Cheshire today.

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