Are you planning to visit us by car, train or even a magic carpet? Here we offer tips, hints and directions for finding us no matter what your choice of transport may be.
Put our postcode into your sat nav thingy; SY13 4JF

Estimated Drive Times

1/4 hour
1/2 hour
1/2 hour
3/4 hour
1 hour
1 hour
1 1/2 hours
3 hours
BeWILDerwood Norfolk
4 1/2 hours
The moon
43 1/2 hours (best use a space rocket)
Who knows? (best use a rug!)

Useful Bits & Bobs

We have plenty of FREE parking, including designated disabled spaces, electric charging points and coach parking, as well as a bike shed, right by our door.

Our postcode is SY13 4JF.

Some Sat Navs seem to take visitors to a different location so make sure you do check a map too, just to be on the safe side!

BeWILDerwood is located to the North of Whitchurch along the A49.

If you are travelling from the South via Whitchurch, follow the A49 Northbound for around 5 minutes and BeWILDerwood is on your left hand side.

If you are traveling from the North via Tarporley, follow the A49 Southbound for approximately 15 minutes and the entrance to BeWILDerwood is on the right hand side.

Use an online journey planner to help.

The nearest station is in Whitchurch. BeWILDerwood is 5 miles from there and around a 10 minute car journey. You can call a local taxi firm to pick you up (see below). My Train Ticket- Journey Planner

A2B Taxi’s – 07859 042690

Acorn Taxi’s – 01948 665540

Silverlink Travel – 01948 809554



Close your eyes, hold on tight and say “Swampy sups Sliverfish soup” really quickly ten times and you’ll arrive at our doorstep in a Twiggle Flash!