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BeWILDerwood Cheshire is a huge woodland full of family fun, imagination, and outdoor adventure! Visit this page for more lovely information about what you can expect to see and get up to in our WILD woods…

A person over the age of 18 who is providing help and support to an individual visiting the park who is in receipt of DLA (Disability Living Allowance), PIP (Personal Independence Payment) or is a current holder of a Blue Badge. The term carer should not be confused with a foster carer or care assistant. We just ask to see the Blue Badge or proof of DLA/PIP receipt at the gate on the day you visit.

Yes, everything at BeWILDerwood is little person and big person friendly and we encourage everyone to clamber and climb and join in the fun. So yes, everyone who comes to play, pays an admission. Our prices are based on height, as there are a few things that require longer arms and legs!

Sorry, no dogs (except assistance dogs) – Twiggles are scared of them! However, we get a lot of enquiries from holiday makers who bring their dogs on holiday, so we suggest having a chat to a local kennel so your pooch can have some pampering. We do not allow dogs to stay in cars or on leads outside the park.

The ideal age range for children is 2 – 12 years old, however BeWILDerwood is a family adventure park, which means parents, grandparents, teachers and group leaders can all enjoy the play equipment just as much as the children. We like to see everyone get stuck in and run, jump, swing and laugh your day away all together!

For the teeny ones we have Toddlewood on the Hill and Tiptoe Valley. These are enclosed areas for the little ones who may not be adventurous enough to go on the bigger play equipment, with all the magic and variety of BeWILDerwood, just in miniature! We even have basket zip wires suitable for littlies right next to the Wobbly Wires, called the Twiggle Whizzers. If you have a teenager who enjoys the outdoors, has a sense of adventure and imagination then they should still enjoy BeWILDerwood, especially if they’re with their younger siblings!

Ideally, we want you to stay all day! We advise that you allow a minimum of 3.5 hours to enjoy your time at BeWILDerwood, but most people enjoy a full day with us and never want to leave!

If you have a special date in mind then we recommend pre-booking online ahead of your adventure to secure your spot to play in the WILD woods. Please tap Get Your Tickets at the top of the page!

If you want a soopa spontaneous adventure then you can simply turn up and pay on arrival toooo!

Yes of course (great for when little legs get tired). We are accessible for pushchairs, however, we are in a natural woodland environment where the ground can be bumpy and hilly in places. Our treetop walkways and play structures are not suitable for buggies, but you can park them nearby!

Congratulations on your little bundle of joy! There’s a good number of activities you can do without having to clamber up to the treetops like storytelling, crafts, boat rides (Norfolk only) and den building. We understand certain structures in the park may not be suitable for heavily pregnant ladies, so those who are over 20 weeks along can book a free of charge ‘carers’ ticket. We just ask that you bring your MATB1 letter along with you when you visit to show the Twiggle Team at the gate.

Every effort has been made to allow reasonable access to the park however, in the main area of the woodland, the terrain is naturally sloping and needs to be assessed as to individual needs. Take a look at our Photos & Videos.

Those who use a wheelchair are able to come in for free.

You need to be at least 92cm to go down any of our big slides (e.g. Slippery Slopes). To use the Wobbly Wires, you need to be at least 105cm.

Don’t worry if you are a teeny Twiggle… Plenty of miniature adventure can be found at Tiptoe Valley, Toddlewood on the Hill and the Twiggle Whizzers!

Wear sensible shoes and suitable clothes for running, jumping, climbing and swinging your day away (save the stilettos for the Thornyclod Spider). Basically, wear anything you don’t mind getting a bit grubby (that includes the adults too!) Skin should be covered, not only to keep out of sun on warm days, but to protect yourself on the slides. Don’t forget sun cream and insect repellent tooo!

Tickets are non-refundable. However, we are happy to swap your tickets to another date (if availability allows) if you are unable to come and play. Please let us know if you need to change your tickets as sooon as possible!

We are happy to offer a complimentary return visit in special circumstances, such as: extreme weather (e.g. persistent heavy rain/snow/hail fall for 3 hours or more), illness/injury within 1 hour of park entry, unexpected closure of the park due to matters outside the Twiggles’ control within 3 hours of park entry. Any request for a special consideration must be done in writing to the office including proof of purchase (receipt).

We are in the woods so there are plenty of trees that give extra shelter during light rain or intermittent showers. Some of our structures have sails covering them so you can continue playing, however you’re better off coming prepared in case there’s any heavy rain. When it does rain heavily you may get a very wet bottom on some structures, so bring dry clothes. If it’s particularly splishy sploshy weather then we have to close the slides for your safety (booo!) however we will aim to get them open again as soon as possible (wooo!)

We shouldn’t need to close during thunderstorms, but if there is an electrical storm, we will close the zip wires while the storm is overhead. These will be reopened as soon as the storm has passed. Phew!

We monitor the winds and will close the park if it gets too blustery, however, this is very rare and we usually make a decision before the park opens for the day. All those who are pre-booked will be contacted and we will post updates on our social media profiles.

Nope! There are no pesky hidden costs – parking, arts & crafts, face painting, den building and storytelling shows are all incloooosive in your ticket price! Yippee! This does not include gifts from the shop or food/drink – but feel free to bring a picnic!

Good news! We have plenty of free parking, including designated disabled and coach parking, right by our door.

Visit the Munch Bar or the Cosy Cabin which you can find on the park map! The Munch Bar offers a full service of yummy food and drinks, hot and cold, and of course… ice cream!

See what delightful grub we offer on the Food & Drink page of which park you plan to run WILD at! Check the chalkboards when you’re at the park to find out the opening times.

Home of the strange, the WILD and the weird, our Bizarre Bazaar is the shop to beat all shops. Come in, explore and enjoy. From the tiniest of Twiggle treats to the funkiest of fun things, we have something for everyone. However, we have designed our park so that you don’t have to exit via the gift shop if you feel that the shop/tired child combination isn’t going to work for you.

We also have a sparkly online shop if you don’t get visit the Bizarre Bazaar while on your day out or, if you’d like to get immersed in the world before you visit.

There isn’t an indoor play area at BeWILDerwood: we are all about being out in the great outdoors! However, as we are a natural woodland site, shelter from the sun and rain is everywhere. Our canvas sail covers offer further cover from the sun and rain. The Big Hat tent is also a lovely little undercover area to enjoy a quiet spot of crafting, however, this is not an indoor area.

No, however we do have a bicycle shed, situated in the car park, if you wish to travel via bicycle to come and see us!

We are not licensed to allow alcohol in the park so please wait until you get home to enjoy your favourite tipple!

Nope, sorry! All children under the age of 16 need to be accompanied by an adult.

Twiggles don’t like smoking (because it stains your teeth, makes your breath smell and can even harm the WILD creatures that live in the woods) so you are only permitted to smoke in the car park. The discreet use of e-cigarettes is permitted, so long as it is not affecting others’ enjoyment of the park.

The Boggles and Twiggles have so much fun running WILD in the woods, they don’t have time for WiFi. You may be lucky to get internet connection and phone signal, but it is a little patchy in the woods! We encourage everyone to enjoy your day out in the WILD woods and check your emails/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram at home! In an emergency we can dial out to the real world.

Booo! It’s rubbish feeling under the weather. If you’ve booked Day Tickets and now can’t come to play due to a poorly person, we’re happy to switch the date of your visit for a different day when everyone’s feeling as right as rain again. (This excludes tickets for special events, sorry!).

We promise to change your tickets if availability allows, so please do let us know as sooon as you can. Please note, tickets are non-refundable.

If you think you have lost something in BeWILDerwood you can either give us a call or email us about it. Postage and packing is charged for the return of lost items. We will keep lost property for at least 2 weeks before handing items over to a local charity. If we find anything of value we will keep it safe until it is claimed or hand it in at the local police station.