Bouncing Boggles Bonanza!

5th June - 25th September

The sun is shining and all the creatures in BeWILDerwood are singing.

Swampy is soooo happy to see WILD explorers in the woods, as the Boggles are having a Bouncing Boggles Bonanza! And the best thing is you are all invited, yippee!


1pm & 3pm: Bouncing Boggles Bonanza
Swampy and his Boggle friends invite you to the biggest party of the summer! Everything is ready but…oh no! The invitations haven’t been delivered, can you help save the party and help deliver the invitations in time?

12pm & 2pm: A Boggle at BeWILDerwood
Hear all about Swampy’s big adventure in BeWILDerwood! This is the story that our fantastical park is based on – not to be missed!

11am – 4pm

Make your way to the Big Hat craft tent and create your own Curious Crown!

Face Painting – new for 2022!
11am – 4pm

Head to the Face Painting Pavilion (next to the Big Hat) for some fantabulous face painting. Adorn your face with some lovely leaves and fantastic flowers!


Puzzling Park Trail

The Twiggles Treetop Trail……. Twiggles love to wiggle and are good friends with the Boggles, The Twiggles have left some clues up in the trees for you to find out what Boggles love to do! Use the clues below to find six types of trees hidden in the woods. Jot down the pink letter in each word to discover what Boggles love to do at parties!

Show the answer to the Twiggle Team on your way to collect a tree-mendous badge!

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