Swampy is a little marsh Boggle who lives peacefully at home with his Mum. He goes almost everywhere by boat, and simply loves fishing amongst the reeds and bulrushes of the pongy marsh.
Mildred the Crocklebog
There are not a lot of Thorny Crocklebogs in the world and Mildred is very proud to be one of them. She wears a sparkly tiara and a gold handbag and loves making new friends!
Some spiders hang around in the air on thin threads they weave themselves. Other ones have to travel about wearing boots and shoes...
Snagglefang & the BeWILDerbats
Somewhere in BeWILDerwood is a great gang of fierce bats - the BeWILDerbats. Snagglefang is the chief, and he loves a good joke or two!
Willow & Sticklenose
Sticklenose is the smallest Twiggle in the village and Willow is his mum. He has a habit of getting stuck in tall trees...

A Parasquawk is rare to see. It doesn't seek out you or me...

If you see a tiny bright green Crocklebog bouncing through the forest wearing fluffy pink clip-on wings then you have probably met Minty...
Vera the Hippopotamuddle
If you wander deep into the marshes you might spot a large grey creature galumphing through the swamp holding an enormous wooden spoon...

Moss & Leaflette
Moss is a Boggle and he is married to Leaflette, who is a Twiggle. Moss is soopa brave as he lives in the trees - unlike most Boggles! They love adventures with their best friend Swampy.
Hazel The Wood Witch
If you are a good Boggle or Twiggle then the Witch of BeWILDerwood is an excellent friend to have around. Her house is in the Black Marsh, and you can find it by looking for the black cauldron oozing outside.