Scroll down to meet the intriguing and curious characters of Tom Blofeld’s BeWILDerwood books and poems

Meet the characters

Mildred the Crocklebog
Everyone’s favourite vegetarian, tiara wearing Crocklebog
The Thornyclod Spider
Thornyclod loves a new shoe and has a secret recipe for Marshmallow
Hazel the Wood Witch
A nice witch, if you are a nice sort of Twiggle or Boggle
Moss and Leaflette
Moss is a Marsh Boggle and Leaflette is a Tree Twiggle who are married
A Marsh Boggle and reluctant hero!
Vera the Hippopotamuddle
A kindly Hippopotamuddle who is a great friend of the Witch

Go On An Adventure

The Broken Bridge
It was made of wood and rope and ancient creaking boards, and it stretched all the way above the thorny thicket to the top of a another very tall tree. It was a long way to the other side...
The Slippery Slopes
"She shot off along the branch at tremendous speed, shouting with pleasure. moss was next, waving his arms and whopping. Then came Swampy. He got a bit mixed up when he pushed off, so he did it backwards..."
The Wobbly Wires
"He took his twig, looped it over the line and, holding both ends, whizzed happily all the way down to Leaflette. He made a lot of noise, shouting and whooping as he went. (Boggles can't help being noisy when they are really having fun.)"
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