The Top 10 Things To Do this Father’s Day

Not sure what to do this Father’s Day? Treat all those Twiggle-tastic dads, grandads, brothers, uncles and best friends to a day he’ll never forget with these easy-peasy activities in the woods…

1) Take part in a game of Zippy Races

Get ready for some friendly competition as the kids take on the grown-ups in this fast-paced race along the zip wires! Who will win?!

2) Go on a scavenger hunt

Work as a team and use your tracking skills to locate hidden tokens or treasures… Or better still, complete our Puzzling Park Trail! Pick yours up on arrival!

3) Make a curious craft together

The ideal activity for any creative explorer, why not get crafty and make something together as a team? Head over to the Big Hat during your day in the woods and you can even make a ‘BeWILD Forever Crown’ to wear during your day of celebration!

4) Enjoy a delicious ice cream!

Who doesn’t love an ice cream?! BeWILDerwood has lots of delicious flavours available, making sure there’s a sweet treat for everyone, mmm!

5) Fill up a scrapbook

Snap some silly selfies, collect curious-looking leaves and draw some daft doodles of your adventure… Fill up your scrapbook with fond memories that you can look back on in years to come.

6) Build a den

No Dad can resist showing off his den-building skills – so make the most of it this Father’s Day and work together to create a masterpiece… and be proud of all your handiwork (but especially his!)

7) Do some wildlife spotting

The WILD woods aren’t just home to the Twiggles and Boggles – plenty of British wildlife can be spied through the undergrowth! Why not write a checklist to tick off as your adventure unfolds?

8) Relive his childhood

Go on a nostalgic trip down memory lane: climb trees and scrape knees; play “it” and whoosh down big slides; make it to the top of the Sky Maze and clamber up the Towering Treetop Tangles… A full day of childhood memories brought back to life!

9) Go for a picnic

Load up a hamper with all his favourite food and drinks, find a sunny spot and thrown down a blanket for sitting on – sometimes the best way to his heart really is food!

10) Get some soopa face paint

Fun for all the family, and a perfect addition to any family picture – face painting will add the cherry on top to a day of WILD fun!

Book your magical family day out for a Father’s Day filled with Twiggle-tastic treats sure to spoil any BeWILDerdad.